Our Process

Step One

There is no “one size fits all package” with web design.

352 Digital take the time to listen to your needs, consider your audience and use our experience to provide tailored solutions to acheive your goals.

What does it do? How does it look? Start sketching some ideas on paper and things start to happen…

Discuss An Idea

Step Two
Make A Plan

Once we have an overview, we can start to develop a plan to bring your project to life.

Using intuitive project management tools, we collect your (current) website content, determine which digital assets you have and which we need to create then determine the timeframes and milestones by which progress will be measured.

Manage My Project

Step Three
Design Process

Our team is happiest turning ideas into a beautiful and unique reality, working with your existing branding or starting from scratch to create an engaging and compelling online presence.

Ideas start to take shape from words onto paper and then into Photoshop designs. Magic happens!

We’re only as good as the work we do so we want it to look just as great as you do! Before developing your website, we work with you until you’re 100% satisfied with the our design.

Talk About Design

Step Four
Web Development

A web project is more than meets the eye! Aesthetics are paramount but spending months to design a beautiful website is worthless if it end result takes more than 10 seconds to load then doesn’t actually work. Sady we see a lot of this.

Once a design has taken shape and is agreed with our client, our developers get to work coding the website using best practices and methodologies to turn a visually stunning design into a fully functional digital experience that works like a dream on screens of all sizes.

Discuss Development

Step Five
Finalising, Fine Tuning, Testing, Delivery

In today’s market compatibility is key, as internet users employ different devices, browsers, screen sizes and network speeds. What looks great on your laptop needs to work just as well on a Smart TV, an iPad and your phone.

Optimise My Website

Step Six
Tell The World

Ongoing marketing effort are an essential, yet often overlooked, factor in the success of any website.

We’ll put you on social networks, execute email campaigns, fine tune your Facebook and Google Ads and monitor it all with comprehensive reports and analysis.

Make Me Famous
Small steps can lead to big things…

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