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1 & 2 Letter .lu Domain Release

For over 20 years, it has been possible to register domain names with 3 characters or more under the .lu extension.

352 Digital is happy to learn that in 2020, the Restena Foundation, issuer of .lu domain names, is rolling out the opening of 1 and 2 letter .lu names!

More than 2,800 new letter/letter, letter/number combinations will become available creating new opportunities in the Luxembourg market with a familiar label showing an attachment to the Grand Duchy.

How can I get one?

This launch will be managed in three phases: two governed by special provisions and one relying on the .lu registry’s general terms.

1. Sunrise phase - 31 August to 30 October 2020*

The Sunrise phase is devoted to holders of registered trademarks valid for Luxembourg, as well as to corporations and companies reflecting the company name or company description registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies’ Register.

– Do you hold a BENELUX, European or international trademark valid in Luxembourg with 1 or 2 characters and want to acquire the corresponding domain name?

– Is your organisation registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies’ Register with a company name of designation made up of 1 or 2 characters and you wish to acquire the corresponding domain name?

2. Landrush phase - Orders accepted from 19 October 2020*

At the end of the Sunrise phase, the remaining domains are made available in a second registration period aimed at registering names to the highest bidder. This phase, referred to as Landrush, is aiming at offering a fair chance to obtain a coveted domain name and is open to all individuals and legal entities by means of an independent tendering procedure.

Please note: Applications in landrush require validation using a code sent by postal mail 😱 With this in mind, we recommend allowing 3-5 days extra for this part of the application process.

3. General availability phase - Tuesday 15 December 2020 onwards

The third and final phase of the procedure for opening domain names with 1 and 2 characters sees the release of all domain names not allocated in the preceding phases. Orders in this General Availability phase are placed and charged like any regular .lu domain registration and domains are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

* Application fee applies

Wow, is that all?

Unfortunately not. Apart form the application forms to complete, sign and return, postal validation of the application and actually sending the order via the dedicated portal, domains registered in the Sunrise and Landrush phases will also need to be transferred to an accredited .lu registrar to benefit from DNS hosting and domain management services.

352 Digital Can help…

Fortunately our domain experts can navigate this sea of jargon and franglais, and guide you though a forest of paper to help secure your company’s 1 or 2 letter .lu domain!

To secure a one or two letter .lu matching your trademark or company name or to apply for a shorter version of your brand name, get in touch using the button below to get your application started.

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