Socially Responsible Business Accreditation

Certification “Enterprise Socialement Responsable”

The Luxembourg label “Entreprise Socialement Responsable” (ESR), values contribution to sustainable development and confirms the creation of shared value. The Luxembourg INDR (L’Institut National pour le Développement durable et la Responsabilité sociale des entreprises), honours good practices of the 200 or so companies it’s engaged with. ESR accredited companies employ more than 50,000 people in Luxembourg and are part of Responsibility Europe, one of the largest networks of responsible companies in Europe.

It’s with great pleasure we announce 352 Digital has been awarded certification as a socially responsible Luxembourg company (ESR) 🇱🇺!

Socially Responsible Business Accreditation

Why Is This A Good Thing?

The ESR verification helped to formalise and enhance 352 Digital’s CSR commitments. The well-informed INDR CSR specialists provide expert support and advice to companies throughout the certification process to ensure the process is thorough and effective. Beyond the community benefits of implementing CSR, the ESR label offers multiple advantages to 352 Digital and it’s stakeholders.

It Will Make Things Happen

352 Digital’s CSR commitments will ensure and transform our operations in the future. With the help of the evaluation process, the ESR label has set 352 Digital towards continuous improvement in order to create shared value.

Externally the ESR label confirms 352 Digital’s position as a responsible economic player that contributes to the sustainable development of Luxembourg and has a positive impact on society. Eligibility for the label is reviewed every 3 years.

Strengthening Transparency and Trust

A robust and transparent process, the ESR evaluation is based on objective and specific criteria and complemented by an external verification carried out by independent experts approved by the INDR.

An objective opinion from the INDR regarding 352 Digital’s responsibility is a guarantee of transparency to our customers and other stakeholders and confirms the impact of 352 Digital’s efforts and commitments to society.

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