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Moving Forward Without Breaking Things (More)

Sustainability and accountability have become key themes with growing importance and urgency for many forward-thinking businesses. Meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their future needs has become paramount and so, to give context about sustainability agendas and corporate responsibility culture, 352 Digital has created a Corporate and Social Responsibility policy to focus not only on sustainability of natural resources but also on social equality and economic development.

As a small business in a global city at the heart of Europe, 352 Digital values community and is aware of its impact in Luxembourg and the world around.

352 Digital’s Social Priorities

The policy is underpinned by the 3 pillars of corporate social responsibility: Governance, Societal Impact and the protection of the Environment.

Move Forward Responsibly
  • Continually review and adapt to company goals: value chains, processes and skills,
  • Actively request feedback; evaluate and implement improvements,
  • Bring added value to 352 Digital’s offer with (new) improved services and quality.
Benefit Society
  • Respect the local community and ensure ethical behaviour (us and our clients),
  • Respect for data protection and regulatory requirements,
  • Implement responsible and fair recruitment and employment practices,
  • Encourage community support and participation with ASBLs.
Care For The Environment
  • Preference suppliers at or aiming at carbon neutrality,
  • Ensure waste reduction and recycling,
  • Enable sustainable travel for business.

How Much Of A Difference Can 352 Digital Make?

While Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims to make a business accountable, Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) criteria make such business’ efforts measurable.

While the majority of these ideals have been the way of working at 352 Digital for many years, formalising commitments and setting goals for improvement helps identify important areas where a positive societal impact can be made and measured.

With the future goal of setting quantitative milestones for improvement, the first applications of the new CSR policy will address key environmental sustainability concerns in our industry and in Luxembourg starting with the below items:

  • Reduce environmental impact of energy used by web hosting by offering a (more) sustainable hosting solution;
  • Reduce environmental impact of printing & paper by offering a sustainable printing solution;
  • Reduce environmental impact of energy used for transport by offering employees sustainable travel options around Luxembourg Ville.

We hope you’ll join us in making a positive change! Be sure to follow us on social networks to keep up to date with 352 Digital’s CSR work and societal impact. Questions and feedback on our policies are welcome and can be directed to

Move forward sustainably
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